Gua Sunyaragi Cirebon

Sunyaragi water garden is a fanciful royal pleasure garden-cum-fortress about 4,5 km south west of the city center.

According to local historian, It was built in 1703 by Prince Kararangen and was used for meditation and self defence training center. But some other historian believe that Sunyaragi Cave architect originally come from Tiongkok when Chengho fleet came to Nusantara around 15 AD. So, Sunyaragi was built long before 18 AD. And possibly that the location of Sunyaragi Cave originally was designed to meet astronomical purpose, especially as astronomic station on North hemisphere of Java. The architec name is Tan Eng Hoat and burried in Panjalu, Ciamis. Local Ciamis people called him “Mbah Panjalu”.

In the age of Sultan Sepuh Matangaji the Dutch sent a thousands of soldiers to raid Sunyaragi, and real fights-were unavoided. Sultan himself was killed as one of the casualties in 1787. Prince Adiwijaya restored the pieces in 1852, assisted by a Chinese architect.

The name of Sunyaragi originally come from Hindu-Budha esoteric tradition, the meaning is “empty, quite” or “sunya” and “body” or “raga”.

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